What Happend to Wild Vyrals

K2 Quadrilateral Keeps on Counting

While accessing an old email account accidently I stumbled across a quite hearty inbox of comments and alerts from YouTube.  I noticed that one of the videos had a consistent log of comments, and of course not event to my surprise where they comments for "the most" popular video I have yet to upload to the internet K2 Quadrilateral 

After spending my whole life in education, either learning or teaching,  When my little homie "K2" came to me to help him out with a school project, of course I was excited.  When he said he wanted to shoot a video, I spent no time hesitating and we got right to work.  At the time my boys and I had converted our old eastside Detroit house into a make shift production studio that soon got the reputation around the block for the "goto video guys" 8184Media.  We also converted a room in the basement into a recording studio where the quadrilateral song was originally recorded. From there we turned the living room into a green screen studio lit with construction lights from Home Depot.  He wrote the lyrics himself, and myself having know idea how big of a sensation the song would be in classrooms across the world.

And then there was the Crazy Cat people

While living in southern California its hard to say how I got into some of the things I did.  Every thing from bogus casting calls to crazy door to door sales jobs.  By far the most bizarre was the crazy cat guy.  Being a creative there are very few limits I'd restrain myself to when it comes to good art, how ever this project set the playing field.  The guy I was working with "God bless his soul" was going through some pretty "intense" times in his life, a polite way to put it. but lets just say when your woman is driving you crazy you'd be surprised what creativity your brain can spit out.  Anyway the guy was an aspiring voice talent actor and had some crazy idea to do a spin off of Keyboard Cat, which was "viral" at the time lol.  The $100 bucks and pack of beer I think was worth it.

They Dig em no Shovel Needed

Seriously this guy. This is a 2009 music video for the recording artist j atty and the song is called they dig me. (No shovels were needed in the production of this video.

This was defiantly one of those projects that takes at least 10 years to appreciate, but oh am I there. Back in the college day, me and my homie decided to take the internet and the streets by storm.  We were going to be responsible for shooting and uploading ever want to be a rapper video to the internet.  At the time we were the most embarrassed by this project, but as years passed we realized our most referenced too catch phrase is "They dig me, no shovel needed"

Another "This Guy"

Warning it is not your device, the audio is absolutely terrible on this.  Just in case you had a feeling.

We needed money.  At the time $50 and a feeling could get you a long way.  Needless to say we had more fun making this project than "making it" from this project.  Thanks to this blog hopefully relics as such wont be lost on the interweb for ever. Loopie Chillaxin , yup that's the best way to put it.  Pretty sure he produced the entire song on his phone,, if you cant tell, but the opportunity to try out some new FX's on final cut is always a hard one to resist. I mean it really feels like Justin Bieber is actually there.

Thanks for hanging out on the wackie Viral blog.  just trying to dust off some of those buried treasures before we lose out interweb forever. lol jk but really tho.  Stay tuned for more random blogs and awesome music from TwizzleNation.  Make sure to like share and follow.  Thanks for your support.