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Perfect Driver Crazy Individuals

Wally B back in Action with Perfect Driver

That's right our original "Goodfella" / "Buttaface" / "Downtown Dippn"/ "Clean in Ypsi" , pioneer to the game is back black and in action!.  After linking up with with the world re-nound producers from record label 'Perfect Driver"  The collaboration led to the next hit single from the "Miami Driver" project titled "Crazy Individuals".  The new tunes demonstrate depth with dynamics and is a smooth blend of techno electric house, perfect for stirring up the mood at any high end posh type of soiree.   Make sure to like follow and share for more to come from Perfect Driver Music.

LondonBridge – Crazy Individuals ft Wally B (Original Mix) – OUT NOW

The Perfect Driver Movement

Miami Drivers 2017 is our newest collection of essential house, techno and bass music from the underground scene's most forward thinking talent including BOT, Sage Armstrong, DJ Godfather, HBK, Wood Holly, J. Worra, Lux Groove with Mark Starr, LondonBridge, Sven Lochenhoer, E.R.N.E.S.T.O. and Arango.

Perfect Driver's 2017 artwork will showcase scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images, a.k.a. tiny worlds unseen by the human eye. The theme is important as it highlights two things we are passionate about; science and discovery. We think; equal parts nerdy, weird and cool." - Matthew Anthony

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