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J. Cobb Another One “Why Knot”

J. Cobb "Why Knot" Single Release

That's right, ya boi J. Cobb with Stone Group Records, drops another one.  What a way to ring in the new year 2018 with a hot new track worth of becoming a classic.  "I've got everybody with me when they see me roll up" A memorable line from the new record "Why Knot".  During an live broadcast Twitch interview, when J. Cobb was asked, in what reference was the "Why Knot" title intended, his initial response was a double entendre.  In one sense, he grew up on the waters of Detroit where much of his influence has been inspired by the nautical life of middle west America ie.(DYC).  It was also mention a key creative element was the first time use of auto tunes on a single release.

J. Cobb "Why Knot" Single Release

Overall well put together track.  As an artist you can hear the paint splashing against the canvas as a metaphor for passion driving the foundation of  this music.  The song screams out  "I want to make something that people will want to be a part of".  Though angst is expressed(1:23) "They do try to get at me picture me, paint me like a pickaninnyThe overall tone left you more uplifted than anguished. The delivery came solid.  The conviction in his vocal delivery was much believable and relatable.  After hearing the new single "Why Not", to my interest I would look forward to more J. Cobb material. 

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