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24 Hours in a Day? *New Slave* Music

Check out the new twizzle sounds aka “new slave music”.  The project was inspired by the apparent situation of  there never seeming like there is enough time to get anything finished.  While returning emails, working on websites, uploading to social media, live streaming, and new business, one can only acknowledge there is only 24 hours in a day, FOR EVERYONE.  It doesn’t matter if your rich poor, black or white, or in between, there is still only 24 hours in a day for everyone. 

The question arises, are we really truly free?  How will you spend your 24 hours. Are you stuck in a cubical with and endless inbox of emails, or checking out groceries for people on their way to the beach? Are you lucky enough be able to spend your 24 hours how you enjoy, or must you sacrifice your days for someone or something else.   At some point I think we have all been there.

The thought of a traditional 9-5 type of daily process, does not seem exactly humane to myself.  The more I have gotten to understand how computers, and machines work “The Machine”  the more I start to understand how our system of economy works.  “The Machine” takes all moving parts to work smooth and efficiently for the ultimate purpose of the “bottom line” that dolla dolla bill yall.  

Thanks for the collabotartion LPeezy.  That adlib is #lit 

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P.S. that is a real photo of my crashed lyft car.  That’s how I spent my 24 hours that day. LOL đź’Ż