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Twizzy’s “Cartoon” The Video drops

CartOOn – J2 aka Twizzle

"CartOOn" another "Twizzy" production

The anticipated single "CartOOn" another "Twizzy" production, has finally released exclusively here on TwizzleNation. The project was intended to be treated as an experimental composition piece. 

Immersing in a new place can be as exciting as you want it to be.  Exploring the city of Boston while capturing its essence in a natural, free flowing, state of existence. -twizz  

The complete production was a collaborative effort, including KosMYC Sounds, a Mid west Music producer originally from Ohio, on the beats and mix down.  With I.Tavico , a Boston native, on the main camera.  We were able to complete this project with the use of modern internet hangout apps, which made is so we did not have to be in the same room at all times.  

Here lies some of the last footage shot on the original Canon 70D

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