Detroit Shit Music Music Video Twizzle

“The Henny”

Is Henny Really All you Need?

 Have you met Mr. Twizzle???  What kind of question is that?  Hennessy has been a staple of the Hip-Hop , rapper, "Hood", community.   It wouldn't be a party/ studio session/ or anything "blackish"  that's you Puertoricans too.  But furreal,,, What is the deal with Hennessy and why the hood love it so much.  Back in the day slaves must have been paid in congiac for cotton.  None the less it still remains "The Hoods" top choice spirit. 

This track started as a joke with a realisticness that made it become real.  Literally stuck in traffic behind a semi truck(literally cant see anything in front of you), on a Friday, which should be a 45 min commute that turned into 2 hour nightmare on my way home from work.  What better way to take out your frustrations, than on the mic/ strip club/ "The Henny"!

Hennessy Is All I Need (Original)

Another Mix "The Henny"

With the song gaining momentum and popularity , Hennessy caught the attention of some other great artist whom were invited to be in the track.   Considered to be a great compliment in the "music industry"  complimenting artist J.Cobb, and Jay R3y Medina accompanied Twizzle, for a feature on the record.   Shots for this version were taken in Detroit, NYC, and the windy city of Chicago.

Hennessy Remake/mix