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Whats up Fam, they call me Will doe, because I keep it real doe, but furreal doe, I’m here to bring you whats hot in the streetz and whats new with hip hop. Today well be talking about NINES” aka Nina with the Nina “Nines” real name is “Courtney Freckleton”

NES aka Nina with the Nina “Nines”

Watch the official music video for “Trapper of the Year” by A NES aka Nina with the Nina “Nines”.  Then read the WillDoe exclusive commentary. Right here in TwizzleNation

NINES aka Nina with the Nina “Nines” real name is “Courtney Freckleton”  he was born January,17,1990. Nines is an English hip hop artist hailing from the infamous legendary  “Harlesden”, “North West London”. Harlesden Northwest London is an area known for crime, and is one of the largest Caribbean communities in London. In April 2008 Nines big brother Wayne Freckleton ( known as “Brandzino” or “Zino”), was gunned downed in lkes barber shop by rival gangs. In (2013) Nines was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in (Wormwood Scrubs prison) for possession of cannabis with intent to supply. In Prison Nines stayed in connected to his fans. When Nines was released he pursued a music career. Nines is a active member of CRS/ICB/CSB/Church Road Soldiers/Ice City Boys/Crime Scene Boyz with other members/friends “Likkle T”, ”Skcrapz”, ”Tedq” ,”Kezza”, “Fatz”, “Keyz”, “Trapstar Toxic”, “Streetz”, “Inch”, “Supa”, and more… 

In late (2012) Nines released his debut mixtape “From Church Road to Hollywood”, In (2013) “Nines” dropped “Gone to November” title made due to his prison sentence. Nines got some of his buzz from his freestyle videos he performed online on (“SB.T.V”) also can be seen on (YouTube). He also got a big buzz from his third mixtape (“Loyal to the Soil”) (2014) with “Youtube” hit “Money on my Mind” which reached 11 million view. The song “Cant Blame Me” from his fourth mixtape “One Foot In” (2015) reached “12 million views” on “Youtube”. August,27,2016 he dropped mixtape “One Foot Out” with “Youtube” hit “Trapper of the Year” with “12 million views”. In “December 2016” “Nines” signed to “British Independent Label”/XL Recordings partnering with them to release his debut studio album “One Foot Out” (2017) it entered “#4” (U.K Album Charts), becoming one of the few English Rappers” to receive a top 5 album in recent years. Other top albums from other U.K rappers: “Skepta”, “Giggs”, and “Krept and Konan”. I made this Blog cause Nines is one of my favorite new rappers he showed me its Trap/Gangster Rap everywhere and  good trap quality music not just in the U.S. 

WillDoe Keeps it Real Doe

Once again its been a pleasure In Da Mit/Twizzlenation Trap/Rap News signing out Doe out PEACE…   Other sites: Nines 


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