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JR3Y Remember New Music

That’s right, ya boy JR3Y Medina drops a brand new project on us “Remember”.  A hot single where he drops some real-life knowledge on us, with rhythmic, lyrical swag. Check out his new video Exclusively here at Twizzle Nation

JR3Y Medina is not new to the music scene.  Born with a gift of musical talent, he was always known to be naturally coming up with new lyrics, freestyle and talent gig’s. 

In 2011 JR3Y linked up with the #BankerBoys on the north side of Chicago.  It is there where JR3Y and DjTwizzle linked up and started producing tracks together like “Hooked on Tracks”, “Tempurpedic”  and plenty more check out the Soundcloud.  

Since then the talented JR3Y has continued to evolve to the next level where he was able to establish Y.A.L.L. “Young and Living Large”, what could be considered “spin-off” or next installment of the #BankerBoy revolution. It is there where JR3Y will work on his first official album project “Why Knot” that you can now find on iTunes.  His latest single is “Remember” with one heck of a kick-ass video. 

With more project and music in the making, following up with JR3Y and TwizzleNation will definitely be worth it.  Until check out some more dope ass project from J3RY and make sure to catch us on social media

This is a personal Favorite of mine 

Almost forgot about this one! Godzilla lol

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