J. Cobb Music Video NYC

J. Cobb “Another You” Video Release

J. Cobb drops his latest single "Another You"

J. Cobb drops his latest single "Another You" followed up just recently by the motion video.  Shot in New York produced by "You Get An A Plus" &  "Stone Group Records, LLC", and directed by @JCthedp
"Another You" by J. Cobb feat. Bo Napoleon [Produced By: BosBillions]
Stone Group Records, LLC
Cut shot and printed only in a matter of a few days, the new single "Another You" has already made quite the splash on the first day of its release.  Delivering to the interest and creating momentum for new listeners, expect to find J. Cobb popping up all over the web. Check him out on Spotify and iTunes as well.  TwizzleNation.com

J. Cobb “Another You” Official Video