Detroit Shit Music Video

Buddie Montana & C Honoway Do it for The “D”

Its Your Turn Official Video

Long time up and coming Real Street artist Buddie Montana, and film maker Chris Honoway have come together on their latest project "Its your Turn" A whimsical rap ballad reflecting Detroit artist Buddie Montana's struggle trial and tribulations on his come up in the rough city.

Ever since his first debut video "Gettn Yama" the artist has been steadily growing his fan base. Buddy has been well known in Detroit cities east side where much of the current Detroit urban rap culture originated.

Detroit aka "The Motor City" has an ever evolving reputation from Motown, street violence to current day regentrification. One thing stays consistent and that's the "D" . You can check our more from Buddie Montana, Real Street, and Chris Honoway.