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DaBoonDox Ent Presents Vanthem

First of all the girls for this one are out cold.  Ya boy Twizzle gonna have to give it up for this new and exclusive Detroit music video.  We got some great behind the scene footage of DaBoonDox Ent.  upcoming project Walking Codeine with artist  Riley Fr33 & D Wow.   But lets talk about dem gurls tho.  The fellas of DaBoonDox, sure as hell can sing, but their casting was amazing.  Check out the video vixens that that come out to flaunt their "ASSets" and represent with that true "D-Town" action.  Right around 4:20 is right about where that action starts, and I must admit I was caught off guard with that pleasant lil surprise.  Talk about true professionals.  "Miss Twerk" on the left has such a committed attitude , enthusiastic, and amazing curves that would have any normal bro "thirst trap'n" on IG, where as Miss Vixen, OMG, puts the booble in bubbles.  For a "bath scene"  it don't get much dirtier than this, (in a good way).  and just to top it off (icing on the cake, at 4:45 lil Miss Twerk respectfully earns her "nicky"  by dab'n us with a lil sample of that "gud gud" twerk action. (that link was for you SP, you all ready know) We are for sure looking forward to hearing more from DaboonDox Ent.  More at  

DaBoonDox Ent Presents Vanthem


Check out the exclusive interview with  Riley Fr33 & D wow Explains Walking Codeine, Remy ma and Nicki Beef & More" with your girl Christy.

Riley Fr33 & D wow Explains Walking Codeine, Remy ma and Nicki Beef & More”

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