BeanTown Events

THE MECCA 4/20 Experience

THE MECCA @ Inner Sanctum

You are invited to the 4/20 event of 2017.  That's right "The Mecca" is officially here presented by Suavelife and YB.  This fully engulfed 4/20 experience is exactly WhatsSmoking on 4/22 in tha Bean,  #BeanTownStoners  that is.  Well be hanging out with some of the hottest musicians and performers (Ty Mickey IG @pifftrain_ty Dj Papadon &RealP) ,in New England.

The event will also be sponsored by local vendors (@WhatsSmoking and most requested caterer in town.  With THC infused foods, snacks, dab samples raffles and much more, this promises to be the event of 2017.

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