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Home Grown Boston 2018 with What’s Smoking

Home Grown Boston

Check out some highlights from the Home Grown Boston Event.  Free minds, artist and musicians come together for this “out of site” cannibus couture inspired event.

Great Night!

What a great night in deed. The mood was right and the vibes were tight. Vendors, artist, musicians and even the culinary geniuses came together from all over the east coast. With this cannabis cultured inspired event it encourages a diverse group of people to represent, express, and share.

VR and Dabs

A childhood dream come true.  As a kid, the though of VR virtual reality was nothing more than a figment of our imaginations.  Something we saw in cartoons and movies and could only imagine experiencing.  Not only did I get enjoy some great dabs from local growers “freshly pressed”, I was able to immerse my mind into a 3D VR experience of the creative minds from

Hangin with the Fam

The original Beantown Stoner family was “n the house” representing with What’s Smoking.  We were treated with some delightful home made magical peanut butter squares that were off tha chain. 

Beantown Stoners
Henny Bottle Bong Winner

Original Henny Bong Give Away

One of the best parts about these events are the raffles.  There are tons of give aways and cool swag, everyone has a chance win.  This is this years big winner of the original hand crafted Henny Bottle bong, by

TwizzleNation Twitch Live Broadcast

With art, technology and canabis being on such the cutting edge, how appropriate would it be for me (Twizzle) to show up and show off all my dandy streaming gear.  I managed to pull off a live “IRL” broadcast on my favorite streaming platform Twitch.Tv

Mobile Twitch Rig

Twizzle's Final Thoughts

Over all it was an amazing event.  Like always I look forward to the next one.  The best part to me is being able to get together with people who all seem to be in the same page and interested in learning more.  We share art music design and fashion and over all great vibes.  I was able to talk to some one and get a better understanding of the difference between CBD and TCH.  Do you have any idea how many different compounds make up the cannabis plant!?  You could say it was quite enlightening.  Stay tuned for much more to come.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and we will be happy to keep you posted on the next event.  Hope to see you there, and that’s “What’s Smoking”

Team "Make it Happen"

Beantown Stoner


Like many of the late great “big” cities, the responsibility comes with an entitled sense of pride.  A pride that is not just expected, but earned. Bottom line… Bean-town Stoner© is you… it is me, it is us, it is {FREEDOM} . , . , . let it ring

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Twizzle Nation is the shit.  Highly unpredictable and always a work in progress.  A place to find what you cant find anywhere else. The bottom line lets #MakeTheInternet GreatAgain

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