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Twizzle Crashes PAX East 2018 Boston

PAX 2018

Every year this amazing event visits the east coast, Boston, to be exact to celebrate this awesome culture of gaming. But wait,,, was wont just stop there. PAX is pumped full of super charged energy. There is Cosplay, developers and creatives of all sorts. This is truly the "Gamers Paradise" we can all anticipate. Check out some of Twizzle Highlights of my PAX East 2018 Experience. Make sure to check out the rest on Instagram.

Cosplay All Day

If crashing PAX East 2018 was thrilling enough, running into the “sexy” version of some of my childhood’s favorite game plumbers.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind then cleaning my pipes.  And is that the real deal pet detective. The best part about these cons are that people rarely old back

Meeting Fellow Streamers

It’s one thing to hang out with your favorite streamer all day online, but meeting face to face “f2f” in IRL “In real life” is a whole nother experience.  One of the nicest game streamers to meet IRL was @SinfullyRiddling. You Should deff check her Twitch.Tv stream out!  I also got to hang out with @Amouranth in at my own Twizzle Afterparty in the Westin Hotel lobby.


Only s few months after becoming #Affiliated with my favorite streaming platform,, I was able to actually set foot in the official conference section at PAX East 2018.  Now peeps can subscribe to my channel and get cool custom emotes that I hand crafted my self.

TwizzleNation Twitch Live Broadcast

Hanging out on the panel and acutally “IRL’n” in real life was almost unreal.  I got a chance to actuall live stream, on location at PAX East Boston 2018, which almost seemed un real.  I met some of my favorite Twitch.Tv streamers like Amouranth and even bumped into Alinity while she was in Boston.



Mobile Twitch Rig

Twizzle's Final Thoughts

I was elated to be able to say I was the guy who Crashed PAX East 2018.  I mean come on, it was right in my town.  What was I supposed to do.  But in all honesty no regrets. Looking back it would seem as it were “fated” to happen.  I just felt like I was supposed to be there.  There were creatives, developers, cosplay and straight up video games.  Everything a Gamer could dream.  Not to forget to mention i was in Boston, so that means great beer and seafood right outside the main doors.  Laugh Factory is my favorite place to hang out besides the Westin lobby.  It’s where all the gamers meet, greet , drink , and eat.  I hope to be at as many “cons” as possible.  Until then look forward to seeing you at the next PAX East Boston.

Photo by Johnathan Figueroa

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