Just Cop Sompt

Yooo Welcome to the WillDoe "Furreal Doe" Page at Twizzle Nation.  This is where you can check in on anything Michigan Mitten and beyond related. WillDoe aka DoeWill, aka WillSkill, aka, iLLwiLL, aka William Owens has been a strong contributor to the e "Detroit Rap" movement since the beginning.  Once linked up with Producer "Twizzle"  They began a culture movement on Detroit's East side with popular music Video "Cop Sompt"

“Cop Sompt” Music Project

“Gettin iLL on Em”

After Spending some hard core time grinding in "The D" with SteveSP , Chris Honoway Official, and Producer Twizzle, WillDoe began to expand the game to the outter suburb city of A2 Ace deuce Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti. The rappers smooth Detroit "playa" style with a fine understanding of urban culture was accepted graciously by Ypsilanti locals and converts. With a strong reputation for being "The Bag Man" WillDoe pays tribute to "Tree City" with "Gettn iLL on em" under the alias of "iLLwiLL"

Gettn iLL Music Project


But ohh no.... WillDoe didn't stop there,,,,. In fact it was just the beginning. With a few hits out there making the internet get "LIT" the fire in his eyes, were just getting ignited (literally) "got that fire". It was "obvious" he was ready for the next big thing. While smoking a blunt WillDoe coin the set name "Banker Boy Bank Roll Mafia" which T.I. (the ATL rapper) began to use to promote his own label. If your not sure check our youtube( Came out waaaay before "If it aint about Money").


Feeln Our Selves

With WillDoe's street cred growing view by view, it would only be obvious to step his game up. With flow so sick, Producer Twizzle adopted him as his exclusive featured artist and began some collaboration projects. With songs like "Soaring Eagle Clap" and "Feeln Myself" The banker Boys are now official.


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