Jay R3y Medina

"The man who's "Got Bars"

Always the man with the plan, this Chicago native has been representing for the Puerto Rican music scene since he was old enough to speak.  With an intricate writing style and super smooth classic flow style, JayR3y Medina has made the reputation for himself as the guy who's "got bars". 

Flying mostly as a solo artist , JayR3y has been to known to make some waves with the original Michigan expanded to Chicago #BANKER Boys/ Bank Roll Mafia.  Working with producer Twizzle,  JayR3y has accumulated some timeless classic hits that will motivate the craft for generations.  Now a newly proud father, JayR3y plans to continuously in spire and be inspired by the new life hes been responsible for creating.

Real Deal Medina

Young And Living Large

What is Y.A.L.L. any way?

Young and Living Large. What better way to put it ans speak the truth.  But the Y.A.L.L. movement didn't happen over night.  Over the years of evolution and art creation , it was determined the the #BANKER entity alone was not going to be large enough to harness all if the potential of a young generation living large.  The best part about Y.A.L.L. is we wanted to promote a positive message.  After having your hands in the game for some time, it would only seem as our responsibility to give back, and guide our youth in a positive direction.

“I Do it” JayR3y Medina

Y.A.L.L. j.medina “I Do it” Video Promo 2015

JayR3y Medina Y.A.L.L. Apparel Unboxing (promo)

JayRey Medina (Re - Invented)

They say having a kid changes a man life.  In JayR3y Medina's instance, having a son, changed his whole game.  From the ruthless tooth "spitter" from the mean streets of Chi-Towns west-side, to the humbling lyrically matured poet fit to be a great role model for his new born life.  JayR3y collaborates with Detroit native "J2 aka Jay Twizzle" to write, record and produce some timeless classics to pass on to the future generations.

J.Medina “Hold You Down Forever”

“Chicago State of Mind” J.Medina (feat.DjTw1zzle)

Who is GG Bane?

When they say Chicago is like one big family they were quite accurate.  They break bread and bones together.  They love each other so much they will literally kill each other.  GG Bane, a Chicago native, claims to have seen it all.  Very close to Jeyr3y Medina it was only natural for him to extend his support and input to make the Y.A.L.L. movement happen.  As GG bane would put it "he doesn't do it for the recognition."

GG Bane and JeyR3y Medina Video Perparation

“Recognition” GG Bane Y.A.L.L.

JayR3y Medina Music