DFNG – Element “Tesla Edition” (feat.Twizzle & KOS[MYX])

J2 aka Twizzle j.toussant “It’s Real Life”

J2 – Love of the Game 2009

Original J2 "Sing Me" Mixtape

One of J2 aka Twizzle's first complete projects.  The "Sign Me" Mix tape / "mini album"  Was entirely self produced and recorded on a laptop in a San Diego closet.  Apon moving to California for the first time, our first goal was to hit it in the music scene.  Not having any idea of what we were getting into was an understatement.  With very little opportunity just thrown at us, we decided to set up shop and start a production company right from our apartment.

J2 – Its real life “Sign Me”

Hold me down (Sign Me)

Why Hoes (Sign Me)

J2 – Step Back (Sign Me)

Cool Kid (Sign Me)

Real Life Fairy Tales